Weblet- Managing field activity via tablets (cross platform)

Weblet application  is a breakthrough concerning everything related to online control over the sales force. It runs over the Internet, belongs to the new generation of Web applications.

Weblet works online or offline via your iPad or android devices (cross plafform).

Weblet  is also suitable for people without any computer experience as it is exceptionally simple to use.

Above all it is easily assimilated into the organization. It supports the various needs of retail, distribution and other field services processes, allows fast order creation in the field, sales promotion using product images, and much more, all this with the goal of increasing sales and improving profit.

Improves the control over your business - supervises the field activity progress during the day, thus increases sales and profit.
Weblet Office - Manager work station 
  • Web application – working from anywhere without installation.
  • Supervising the progress of the sales during the day.
  • Displaying the profit margin of each order directly after it was made in the field.
  • Smart messaging abilities for employees and customers.
  • Financial and logistical analysis using Excel.
  • Viewing the location of the vehicles in real time.
  • Control – manager can view/edit/comment an order BEFORE reaching the ERP – proactive management.
  • Connectivity to any ERP software.