Mobile workforce app, which works on smartphones, tablets and desktop          

WEBLET is an innovative Field Service Management app (FSM) for Field Agents, Salesmen and Technicians  ,which works on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
WEBLET is a highly customizable solution for mobile workforce & field service management app, End to end solution to fit to multi-verticals.
The app offers support for field agents, salesmen, technicians, distributers, service workforce, drivers, salesmen, leasing companies and any other mobile workers
The app is cross platform and works on all new popular devices.
The system is user friendly and its operation is highly intuitive. The app is excellently simple to use and can be quickly assimilated into the organization.
WEBLET  app is designed for a variety of field people: field agents, service workforce, technicians, drivers, salesmen, leasing companies,distributers, Inspectors, poll takers and any other mobile workers.
The investment returns itself in a short period of time.
WEBLET portable app includes an interface engine which supports connectivity of the portable terminal to all ERP softwares.
WEBLET includes the virtual agent module. That is a B2B client website through which your clients can make direct orders online themselves. You can make orders independently whenever you like, even when your agent is not in the field.
The app can be adjusted for each client’s portable terminals via built in screen generator.
WEBLET app is cross platforms and works on many operation systems such as Google’s Android, Apple’s IOS and pc desktop.
WEBLET supports distribution, presales, van sales, service, dispatching, vehicle transportation, POD, B2B eCommerce site (suited to long-term impact of coronavirus) and includes a variety of modules such as Photography, Billing and Charging, Bar code scanning and many others, as presented in the modules list. 
Includes a TMS system and AI-based optimization. The system implements AI algorithms combined with Machine Learning for distribution management and planning.
The app works also via Cloud System.
WEBLET includes a web-based cash register module, an advanced and innovative sales terminal on tablets.