Controllers Module 

Mobile App for Technicians Control Module 
The WEBLET application enables the organization to manage controls and forms, improve service and make it more effective, and increase your customers’ satisfaction. The technician module is intended to be used by field technicians and service managers, and supports all stages of treatment, from scheduling and up to performing the contol quickly and efficiently. The controls are performed by mobile workforce equipped with a tablet/ smartphone which displays the working arrnagement and a list of controls for the technicians’ convenience. The treatment results are transferred to the company headquarters and the ERP. The company management can view the field at all times via the application website.
comtroller module
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Management Station at the Company Headquarters
  • Interfacing with ERP to receive infrastructure data
  • Management screen displaying the status of all tasks: task status, location, beginning of journey, start, end, SLA, finished, and more
  • Supporting adding tasks, changing scheduling and setting execution priorities
  • Mechanism of preventive treatment and controls at fixed dates
  • Displaying the technicians’ location on GPS at any point of time including history
  • Sending and receiving notifications from the system
  • Supporting initiating calls by your customers on the service website
  • Wide range of reports in different segmentations
Field Station for Agent on Tablet/ Smartphone
  • Displaying the technician’s work schedule, description of treatment/ service and open tasks
  • Displaying site/ customer history
  • Arriving at the customer, viewing agreement terms, performing the control and taking notes
  • Viewing checklists
  • Supporting a wide range of service forms at the service and customer level
  • System control form
  • Appendix C
  • Firefighting station survey
  • Pump report
  • Additional forms if necessary (there is a form generator and printing)
  • Option of photographing on site and attaching the photo to the control
  • Signing the customer on the control result
  • Option for the technician to charge and collect money
  • Transferring the treatment form to the company headquarters and the ERP