Van Sale

Van Sale -iPad/Android oriented software for field sales and inventory operations  
Weblet's Van Sale module serves as a full, modern software  solution for field sales.

The software supports all Pre Sale and Van Sale operations and procedures – from creating work schedules for field drivers, through generating and printing certificates on location, up to updating information directly at the business’ databases.
The purpose of the aforementioned Van Sale method is to supply products and receive the financial consideration during one visit at the field point of sale. The application supports, among others, managing agent goals, displaying agent location on GPS, sending SMS to the management for each unusual transaction, and more. The sales results are immediately transferred to the organizational software ERP used by the business. 
In addition to tablet and smatrtphone users, the system includes management stations which allow you to view and control field activities at any given time and place. Weblet's "interface engine" supports interaction with a wide selection of ERP systems available on the market, creating an integrated and stable system which benefits the entire company.
The software also includes BI, control and support for goals and objectives, planning vs. performance and more.

The Van Sale module includes a wide variety of elements and supports all work operations, from creation of driving schedules, through production of delivery certificates and bills on location, up to presenting drivers’ performances on control and management stations in the company's headquarters. Read about WEBLET POD Driver -P.O.D ( Proof of delivery).

Use Weblet Mobile software to perform field sales operations.

The system works both online and offline, offering a variety of modules – driving schedules, work guidelines, printing certificates on site, on-screen signatures, and web-based report of drivers and vehicles’ performances, for company management.
The Van Sale approach aims to provide the client with the product and receive payment in one visit on location.
Weblet van sale module supports goal management per agent, GPS tracking of field personnel, IM alerts to management of any exceptional sale, and more.
New clients can be added to the database, billed and provided with products at the same time.
Sale’s information is reported directly to the Weblet management station and the company's ERP System.

With this broad software module, one can manage the company's entire sales and distribution operations, either independently or while interfacing with the organization's ERP software. The module supports both the establishment of central information entities such as items, price indices, clients, routes and more (unless they are received via ERP interface), and all the sales and distribution processes, including:
  • Registering or displaying an order.
  • Displaying client financial information, i.e. Obligo.
  • Loading a van with merchandise.
  • Displaying daily work schedule for the salesman.
  • Managing of a distribution line / agent route.
  • Supply and delivery of merchandise, along with delivery certificate or tax invoice.
  • Bar code scanning of single items or boxes. 
  • Signing the client on-screen (upon smartphone/tablet/terminal) as proof of delivery.
  • Charging the client and generating an invoice.
  • Managing van inventory and displaying stocks of other vans or main storage.
  • Managing agent's cashier and calculating end of day receipts.
  • Examining agent’s goal achievement.
Van Sale Stock Management 

The technological development we witness over the last few years has not overlooked the field of van sales.Weblet van sale module suits companies of all sizes, whether small businesses of 5 workers, or huge companies with hundreds of employees. 
The application provides work tools for management teams, operation managers, drivers and all other personnel.
The module suits companies that handle sales and distribution out of vehicles. 
Weblet application  is installed on durable and weatherproof mobile terminals, and it is suited for all distribution and hauling fields.

Delivery / P.O.D Module - Confirming delivery of merchandise on-screen
Use Weblet terminal system to control delivery of goods, and sign your client on the screen of your tablet / smartphone as proof of delivery.
Weblet 's driver / delivery (P.O.D.) module enables management and control over the delivery of goods and collecting receiver's signature on-screen via tablet or smartphone, thus making sure that the client received the correct items. This process is called P.O.D. - Proof Of Delivery.

Tablet / Smartphone
  • Receiving delivery orders.
  • Work schedule.
  • Viewing client’s information.
  • Signing the client and reporting the final sale.
  • Inventory management and bar code scanning support.
  • Loading and Unloading of vehicles.
  • Sending signed certificates to company headquarters.
Management Station
  • Processing delivery orders.
  • Drivers’ scheduling.
  • Tracking delivery orders.
  • Priority management.
  • Messaging system.
  • Generating reports.
  • Reporting time spent on each location.
  • Mailing and text messaging.
Weblet application is the natural choice for any business with field service operations. Its service call management module, 
Innovative approach and compatibility with all mobile devices, all make Weblet
 the ideal solution for field personnel managemet. contact us now to take your buisiness to the next level with thr innovative Weblet, the ideal solution for field management.  

This broad module enables to manage the entire company sales and distribution independently, or interfacing with the organizational software ERP. The application supports all distribution and sales processes, including:
  • Creating new customers
  • Recording invoices, bill of lading (delivery note), return certificates and order certificates
  • Displaying customer financial data such as obligo
  • Loading products on the van
  • Displaying daily work schedule to the agent
  • Management of agent distribution line/ route
  • Supplying/ unloading products for the customer, in addition to a bill of lading (delivery note) or tax invoice
  • Supporting barcode scanning on boxes or individual products
  • Signing the customer on the application / smartphone/ tablet
  • Printing invoices, bill of lading (delivery note), return certificates and order certificates
  • Collecting money from the customer and recording receipt
  • Management of inventory balance on the van and displaying inventories in other vans and the central warehouse
  • Management of agent cash and calculating end of day intakes, Z report
  • Checking agent goal meeting