B2B - customer site Module (B2B Commerce Site)

Mobile App for B2B Commerce

We are proud to present Weblet’s  B2B - customer site  Module as part of our Mobile Sales Solutions.

Stop wasting paper and working with outdated software! 
Upgrade to Weblet for management of sales agents, increased sales and improved service. 

If you need the best mobile/tablet software for management of sales agents, service agents and field technicians, you’ve come to the right place. Weblet is a cutting edge software compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Contact us now!
The WEBLET application enables you to increase sales and receive orders not only from field agents, but also directly from your customers, 24/7. The WEBLET B2B - customer site module is a secure commerce site, which includes, among others, customer order history, account status, pricelists and customer discounts, inventory availability and additoinal information as you will decide. 
Your customers no longer need to wait for an agent to arrive and take the order. The customers themselves record their orders directly on the website, at any time and place, and the orders are transferred directly to the ERP, in the exact same framework of field agent orders. This process saves manpower, vehicle and petrol expenses, and may increase sales due to your customers’ availbilty to place their orders.

The application also supports initiating service calls, displaying information about inventory, visit times and installation. The website also shows execution schedules, which schedulings were performed and more.
Your customers can perform activities on any device:  desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone