Weblet Mobile workforce Software - Advantages                                                         

Weblet is a modular shelf software which allows you to choose the modules you need at any time.

The app is cross platform and works on all popular operating systems, like Google’s Android, Apple’s IOS and more.
The app was developed using the newest internet technologies, which makes it cutting edge and highly stable.
  • The app works very quickly. Any detail that is entered into the main system goes immediately to the field.
  • ERP applications and integrations is our company’s expertise.
  • The app supports both the men in the field and the manager.
  • The management station is set up in the company’s headquarters and allows management and control over field activity in real time.
  • The app supports a reciprocal feedback system between the field and the company’s headquarters.
  • Integration and interfaces to all popular ERP software.
  • The app works both online and offline while synchronizing data quickly using a smart algorithm.
  • The app has a flexible screen generator which enables the screen to be designed according to the client’s needs.
  • Weblet operation does not require any installation on any device. You simply log in and start working.
  • The app’s version is updated quickly and simply, with no dependence on Apple and Google stores.
  • The system is safe and secured.
  • It is hosted on a cloud which provides maximum security, it is updated automatically and it is available 24/7.
Weblet - advantages
  • The app works with the prestigious Crystal Reports Generator software which allows you to create new reports at any time. 
  • The app supports certificate printing in the field as well as in company’s headquarters.
  • The app uses a wireless barcode scanner to enhance efficiency and accuracy.
  • The CRM Customer Relationship Module includes e-mail and SMS according to the field’s needs.
  • The app is multi lingual.
  • The app can link to Waze automatically through GPS module. 
  • The system is highly intuitive to operate. It excels in quick assimilation in the field and can be fitted for all users.
  • The software is wide and independent. It is applicable even without an organizational ERP system.
  • The modules can be broadened for different uses and it can be custom made on demand.
  • Our company is highly experienced and professional. We take pride in giving our clients the best service available on the market.
  • The system was checked and certified in Microsoft.
Need a tablet software for management of field technicians, service representatives and sales agents? You’ve come to the right place! Weblet is a cutting edge application for management of technicians, service calls and representatives. Contact us  now !
Weblet’s Advantages – A revolution in mobility