Work Schedule
planning the work schedule, timetable, and calls from the call center

Weblet - Modules List

Transportation and roadside assistance
Management of drivers and service in car leasing companies, including roadside
P.O.D drivers (Proof of delivery)
control the process of product deliveries and signing the receiver
Special Offers
manage a wide variety of special offers
Field Service - Technician service
Managing technicians, service center and time cards
Photo Album
Managing catalogic information and presenting pictures
Inventory & Warehouses
Complete or sample stocktaking, On-line management of main and distributed inventory
Technician control
Maintenance and standards' control checks
Combining GPS with Google Maps
Photography module
Taking pictures of objects on site and attaching them to certificates
Aplication Generator
Developing customed  software  to fit to any vertical
SMS notifications 
Immediate online notifications via SMS directly to the ppersonnel 
Printing documents on site using a portable printer
B2B – customer site
customer site Module (B2B Commerce Site).Receive orders also directly from your customers, 24/7
Multiple languages
 Supports multiple languages and reversing screen reading and writing directions as necessary
B2C  (Business-to-Consumer)
Provide service to end consumers
Form generator
Developing customed  forms templates
Waze GPS 
Waze Navigation & Live Traffic 
Time Clock
Manage employees, hour and task reports, recording work hours 
Credit card clearing
Collecting payments via credits cards
Collection and receipts
Receipts,bills,  tax invoices & receipts
Receiving and gathering orders , manage and control the product gathering process 
Van sale
Sales, shipping bills, invoices
Pre sale
Customer's orders