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Mobile App for Presale Management 

We are proud to present Weblet’s Presale Module as part of our Mobile Sales Solutions.

Weblet’s sales module supports all field sales, including Presales and Vansales. 
Weblet’s mobile software will help you increase your sales, as your sales agents will have all the information they need on their mobile phone or tablet, including inventory details, customer lists, obligos, special offers etc.
Using the Presale module, the agent can make an order on location and send them immediately to the company’s headquarters, and receive instant feedback as to supply status.

Additional advantages:
  • with Weblet’s Presale module you will never have to manually type another sales order again.
  • Weblet’s Sales App supports increase of sales.
  • The app guides the sales agent to offer the items of your choice.
  • Management receives online updates from the field and can control and supervise the sales agent.
  • Sales agent receives the latest updates right up to the moment of sale.
  • Managers receive BI data and sales targets’ analysis compared with agents’ performance in the field.
  • Weblet’s Presale is a cross platform module which works on all mobiles and tablets.
  • The system is flexible and can be easily adjusted/suited for your specific needs.
Our clients who use Weblet’s Presale module report immediate profit increase thanks to minimization of costs and human errors.
Weblet presale module
  • Viewing customer information
  • Obligo check for prior debts
  • Ordering
  • Offering target items
  • Special sales offers and prices
  • Viewing inventory information
  • Presenting photos of items to the customer
  • Signing the customer on agent’s mobile phone or tablet
  • Sending the order to company’s headquarters

Stop wasting paper and working with outdated software! 
Upgrade to Weblet for management of sales agents, increased sales and improved service. 
The app works both online and offline
If you need the best mobile/tablet software for management of sales agents, service agents and field technicians, you’ve come to the right place. Weblet is a cutting edge software compatible with all mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Contact us now!