Coronavirus Tests  in the Field  

The COVID-19 tests module enables to plan the work schedule for paramedic personnel.

Suitable for oganizations who are required to perform viral checks samples to find out infected personnel with  COVID-19  in the field or at the patients  homes.
Management Station at Company Headquarters  or at the medical institution
  • Scheduling  Paramedic / testers workforce via scheduling module to plan the work schedule
  • View the locations of the field paramedic team on a map at any point in time
  • Presentation of all ongoing activities in the field: visits, attendance, duration of treatment, forms, etc.
  • Sending and receiving messages from the system
  • A wide range of reports in different segments
  • Receive feedback from the field and report to the medical / company headquarters on the completion of the test
  • SMS alerts at exceptional events
  • ERP interface for receiving and returning paramedic data, visits and more

Paramedic/Tester Field Station on Tablet/ Smartphone
  • Presenting a work plan and daily routine to the paramedic
  • Documentation of arrival, documentation of the tests, writing a summary and production of the form
  • Patient imprinting
  • Option to take a photo in the field and attach the photo to the form
  • Reason for not performing the treatment
  • Send the form to the company headquarters and / or to ERP
  • Submit the form to ERP as a digitally signed PDF file
COVID 19 TESTS in the field
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