CRM – Client Relationship Management  

Weblet mobile application includes the CRM module.  

This module helps the organization to manage contacts with its clients, and supports both marketing for new clients and maintaining existing clients. This module gives you all the information you need to keep in touch with your clients. 
The module supports the following procedures:
  • Dated records of conversations and interactions with clients
  • Clients’ documents
  • Photos and descriptions
  • Reminders of future events
  • Sorting attended and unattended reminders by employees and subjects
  • Logging of sums or quantities and adding sums by textual screening between specified dates
  • E-mailing directly from the CRM module to company’s employees and/or clients
  • Selecting information by user / reporting employee and subject
  • Broad scope view of all events and reminders from past weeks, months or years
CRM module
One advantage of Weblet's CRM module is integration of clients’ activities and managing clients’ relationships. Each client appears in the system and you can watch both financial and logistic data and other information that has been gathered and saved over time.

Examples of sorting and retrieving information 
One of Weblet ’s CRM module targets is to present users with as many details as possible about their clients. By logging information correctly and using consistent key words, you can retrieve the following information and answer the following questions:
  • Does the client have any past events?
  • Which Events has the client had in the last two years?
  • When was the client last visited?
  • When was the last phone conversation with the client?
  • When should we renew contact with the client?
  • Which offers were sent to the client?
  • What was the client’s response to those offers?
  • Which documents do we have filed for this client? 
  • Which photos do we have filed for this client?
  • When was the last deal made with this client?
  • How many and which invoices were sent to the client?
  • What is the sum of all invoices sent over the last quarter?
  • How many work hours we put in during the past year?
  • How many items we sold to this customer on this month last year?
  • Which special items does the client have in stock today?
  • What and when was the last feedback we got from the client?
  • Has the client ever had any complaints and when?
  • Which past reminders did we have for this client?
  • Which future reminders do we have for this client?
  • Which of our employees is mostly in touch with the client?
These examples demonstrate information retrieval capabilities. Any user of the software creates his own keywords by which the information is retrieved.

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