Driver Module for Car Leasing Companies                                                            

 iPad / Android app for management of drivers and service in car leasing companies

Weblet application  allows car leasing companies to manage their drivers and service departments and car transportation, as well as improve their customer service.

The driver module is designed to serve field agents and service managers.
The module supports all stages of leasing, starting with getting the service call, through assigning the driver, ending with serving the clients quickly and efficiently to their satisfaction. The service is given by field drivers equipped with tablets or mobile phones, which present the work schedule and call list. The service results are transmitted to the company’s headquarters and ERP. The company’s management can view everything that is happening in the field at any given moment through the software’s website.

Company’s headquarters management station
  • ERP interface for receiving infrastructure data, service calls and drivers assignment
  • Operational screen presenting all calls’ statuses: location, beginning, end, SLA, done, etc.
  • Supports adding more calls, change of assignments and prioritizing
  • Preventive treatment and routine inspections
  • Drivers’ locations on GPS at any given time, including location history
  • Sending and receiving messages through the app
  • Opening service calls by your customers online
  • Management by regions/branches and mobility of drivers and cars
  • A wide variety of service reports
Drivers app
Tablet / Mobile phone 
  • Driving schedule and service description
  • Open calls
  • Car’s/client’s history
  • Arrival at client, Observing terms of agreement, performing service and writing comments
  • Optional adding of items and work hours (billable or not)
  • Support of different service levels, such as:
    Car delivery and return,
    Guarantee for battery change,
    Car dents,
    Car delivery
  • Photographing the car on location and adding picture to file
  • Signing the client on service results
  • Billing and collection by the driver
  • Transmission of service certificate to company’s headquarters and ERP
If you need an app created for tablets that can help you manage your leasing, drivers, field agents and service representatives, you’ve come to the right place! Weblet’s cutting edge software will manage your technicians, drivers, deliveries, service call and representatives. 
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you can manage your leasing company and improve your driving and service departments by using Weblet’s tablet and mobile phone app.